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How to Plan Your Next Hudson River Boating Adventure

hudson river boating at troy downtown marina
Troy Downtown Marina

The Hudson River boating community is one of the best and most active in the nation. Whether you’re a New York boating expert, Great Loop explorer or planning your first adventure into the Upper Hudson, preparation is key. 

How can you get the most out of your next boating excursion while also ensuring your journey is safe? Use these eight easy tips and make your next outing your best one yet:

Hudson River Boating Tips

  1. Map out your route

  2. Research marinas and docking points along your route

  3. Stock your boat with proper safety equipment

  4. Check the weather forecast

  5. Stock up on provisions

  6. Know where you can fuel up along your route

  7. Search for dining destinations along your route

  8. Leave room for spontaneity!

First, map out your route. While you don’t need to cover every single detail or stop, you should have a general idea of where you are heading and what types of waterways you’ll be exploring. 

If you are setting sails in the Hudson River, make sure to use navigation charts and waterway guides to familiarize yourself with the route. Note any areas of interest and potential hazards, especially if you’ll be boating in low-light conditions. 

Next, research marinas and docking points along your route. It’s essential to know where you can stop, refuel, and restock supplies. 

Troy Downtown Marina is centrally located on the Upper Hudson River. Our facility has all of the basic amenities you’ll need, including a fuel station with gas and diesel, bathroom facilities and proximity to all the community shops, restaurants and events. Troy is a vibrant community with tons to offer! Just start searching for the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market, you will not be disappointed. 

No matter how experienced you may be, it’s vital that you don’t leave anything to chance when out on the water. The Hudson River boating environment is beautiful but unforgiving. 

Make sure your boat is stocked with proper safety equipment. If you have passengers, bring them up to speed on key safety practices, including wearing a life jacket, what to do if someone falls overboard, and how to radio for help. 

Always check the weather forecast before you depart. Conditions can change fast on the water, and it’s best to prepare for any situation. 

Don’t just review the weather before you depart. Periodically obtain updates while out on your boat, especially if you are spending hours navigating the waterways. You don’t want a bad storm to catch you by surprise. 

Stock up on provisions before you set off. While it’s great to plan for meals ashore, having enough food and water on board is critical. 

Generally, you should have at least a week’s worth of water for each person on board. You should also have some basic food supplies to hold you over in case your journey falls behind schedule. 

Know where you can fuel up along your route. Running out of fuel is incredibly dangerous. Keep a list of fuel dock locations and their hours to avoid any mishaps.

If you can top off your tanks, go ahead and do so, even if you have plenty of fuel to reach your next destination. Who knows what delays you might encounter?

Stop at our dock for affordable and accessible fuel before the locks! 

Once you’ve addressed basic safety and supply needs, start searching for dining destinations along your route. Look for restaurants that offer boat accommodations. 

Also, make sure to check out all the great restaurants near the Troy Downtown Marina. You’ll find boat-friendly eateries and some great local joints within walking distance of our facility. A few local favorites include Dinosaur BBQ, Brown’s Brewing, and Ryan’s Wake, but there are many other eateries to explore. 

Finally, leave some room for spontaneity. Don’t plan out every minute of your voyage. If you come across something you want to experience, give yourself the leeway in your schedule to do it. 

Hudson River boating isn’t about setting a tight schedule without any room for variation. It’s about taking in the Hudson River's sights, sounds, and culture. 

Lay Anchor at the Troy Downtown Marina

If you are planning a multi-week New York boating adventure in the Upper Hudson, it’s vital that you have a safe place to refuel and recharge. The Troy Downtown Marina offers everything you need: fuel, gated security, showers, restrooms, and basic supplies nearby. 

Book your stay at the Troy Downtown Marina and use our facilities as the launch point for your 2024 Hudson River boating adventures.

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